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Blockchain for Marketing- A Boon or Ban to be Revolutionized in the Next 5 Years?

Blockchain Marketing Agency – Blockchain Firm

Cyber Crime.Hacking. Marketing. 

Is it far if anyone is peeping through the browsing history and advertise their products without the permission of yours? YES! This is what happens to every one of us in this digital era! But, could blockchain marketing services vanish this chaos by which marketers steal our data without any consent? This would be the hot deal of this era for digital marketers!

We all would have felt those embarrassing moments when someone is watching from the back when we’re browsing through the web. This happens with our notice! But at the backend of every website, third-party cookies extract our interests, required products, and much more to advertise relevant products and services. 

In the upcoming decades, privacy and security would be the critical aspects of web users. When the world is hunger about things, technologists must bring up the solutions. Blockchain developers are believed to play a vital role in these areas. 

In this blog post, let’s discuss what is all about the blockchain for marketing services and what it can bring for marketers!

What is the blockchain for web users?

Blockchain is a simple ledger that records every transaction, data, or interaction of an individual with the web. The thing which makes blockchain unique is its distributed, decentralized nature. The data is created, copied across the network simultaneously to avoid single-point failures. 

Blockchain data is immutable, and the changes to be added, modified are included as new data blocks. The existing blocks are left unchanged. This is similar to the government land ledgers in our real-time application. Blockchain verifies and includes the data block with its authorized community of people. Hence, further changes are not allowed in a particular data block. 

If the website, brand, or retailer peeps through your browsing data, they can’t access your data without permission if the blockchain is encrypted. The entire web can be revamped with high privacy & security of users with blockchain encryption in the upcoming years. 

Is blockchain for marketing professionals too? 

Blockchain Marketing Agency – Blockchain Firm

YES! Of course, with the enhanced boon of definitive data of consumers with their permissions. 

Instead of getting the dumped data from thrid-party cookies that are irrelevant, marketers could collect the definitive interests of the consumer. As of now, every brand tries advertising through different channels like social media, email, community marketing, and much more. But, everything is just becoming heaps of dust in the inbox. 

Marketers are unaware of whether the email is sent to the right person with a specific interest area. People ignore widespread discount mails. Despite, marketers can collect the first-party data of the consumers with their concent and proceed with advertising products & services of the brand. 

With blockchain in hands, marketers can do wonders in consumer’s data with transparency. Here’re some of the areas at which industry has already started to dig the ways for marketing with the expert blockchain Marketing services Agency!

How can blockchain marketing revolutionize the web?

General data privacy protection laws and regulations are hectic to be followed, and the brands can never escape from the prying eyes too. It’s always a great deal for website owners to maintain the privacy of users, and hence data protection officers claim lumps of salary to be paid. 

Blockchain can end the game of hackers and protect the data of web users and owners. Giant brands can begin advertising their products with a definitive view of consumer interest. As of now, brands are considering the validity of third-party cookies as three days to sort the user requirements. But, this too becomes a false game. 

To get precise data on consumer needs, it’s better if they provide it to marketers. This is what is the boon of blockchain marketing. Despite sending thousands and thousands of emails that are being unboxed in the mailbox, blockchain marketing services can target the potential audience. 

Here’re some fo the consumer beneficiary programs that can be included in blockchain-based marketing of large brands!

Consumer beneficial programs to promote brands!

Blockchain is no more a novice technology; it’s been a decade since cryptocurrencies, and this distributed ledger technology invaded our planet. 

So, blockchain developers are ready with a growing list of innovative techniques for interactive web users and brands! Here’re some of the tit-bits!

Smart deals

Smart contracts are becoming more popular in blockchain and crypto space. Brands can offer shares, cahs rewards, coins, and many more to recognize their value-added website users who share their data for marketing purposes through smart contracts. Companies can set their specified condition on smart deals to reward consumers. 

Many people feel uncomfortable to look into ads continuously while watching videos. Instead, paying for ad clicks or examining the details directly to web users can pave the way for affiliate marketing in a P2P manner.


Giant brands have already started rewarding their coins for customers through loyalty programs on every purchase. E-Commerce sites can redeem their super brand coins to purchase other products within the same site. 

But, decentralizing the brand coins to purchase products from other service providers can increase user interaction with companies for marketing. Companies can also offer discounts to the consumer based on their activities. 

Referral bonus

Social media has boomed with millions of fitness freaks, fashion designers, shopping reviewers, travelers, product reviewers, and much more influential people. Millions of followers scroll through their accounts for updates in products. 

To enhance product promotion, brands can reward influencers with super coins for every lead. Influencers can pay loyalty coins and utilize the brand posts, product videos to promote the products. Also, users can be rewarded with coins to verify their email addresses so that companies can send offers and incentives to potential users. 

Over to the brand ambassadors!

As far now, we have discussed just chit-chats of blockchain marketing services and its benefits to the users. Vast areas are yet to be covered. Digital marketers and brands have to be prepared with some handy data regarding:

  • The channel at which your potential users spend time,
  • Secure storage of consumer data,
  • Usage of consumer data for advertising purposes. 

Once the marketing professionals are ready with the recent consumer data, then they can bang the industry with their products to the potential audiences. The next decade would be promising with blockchain, privacy, and security features for the valuable users of the web!

To launch the first-party interactive blockchain marketing strategies for your brand, join discussions with Blockchain Firm through live chat or telegram!


P2P Crypto Lending Platform and Development in a Nutshell!

P2P Crypto Lending Platform Development – Blockchain Firm

Had I spoken about blockchain a decade ago, it would’ve sounded Greek and Latin to most people. Now that technology has advanced, every individual has an idea of what it would be.

There are infinite ways to use blockchain for our benefits. P2P lending is one such thing. What is P2P lending? How does it benefit people like you and me?

What is P2P crypto lending platform development I am going to throw light on all of these. 

What is a P2P crypto lending platform? 

Simply put, this is a platform that connects the lenders and the borrowers and replaces any middlemen or a third party like banks. 

This new-found P2P lending platform is well-received among a lot of crypto enthusiasts. The reason? Here they are!

Benefits of P2P crypto lending platform!

It is private

Yes. No one knows who lent whom. You remain covered until the doom. Not even the nodes will be able to track you down. This does not mean fraudulent activities are possible. 

It is transparent

Being private yet transparent is a huge benefit. You will be given a secret key that depicts your identity. Every transaction you make will be tagged to your secret key without revealing your real identity. 

It is simple

You want a loan you get it. It is as simple as that. The required documents are sent on the blockchain. Or otherwise, there is something called digital identity in the blockchain. If the  P2P crypto lending platform development has included it then you have absolutely no hassle.

P2P crypto lending platform development 

If you are ever going to opt-in for a P2P crypto lending platform development, then I suggest you approach the best blockchain development company in the industry. There are in fact innumerable companies that develop blockchain platforms. 

However, choosing the right development company plays a major role in your success! Keep following this space for more updates in the future. 

Blockchain-Based Lending Platform Development – 5 Points on How it Works!

P2P Lending Platform – Blockchain Firm

Blockchain-based p2p lending platform development delivered in the shortest time with zero flaws. Free installation and updates depending on your package. Secure coding and stunning features. There is more to blockchain-based lending platform development than you think. Know them all here and get delivered the top-not platform with powerfully secure features. Ring us up right now to know more. !!!

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Blockchain P2P Lending Platform- What is the Impact? How Does it Work in Real-Time?

Blockchain.Cryptocurrencies. The roar of the digital age investors and entrepreneurs!

Many giant sectors like finance, e-commerce, healthcare, the supply chain have already succeeded in incorporating blockchain into their processes. The lending platform is one of the budding areas at which this DLT is stamping its footsteps right now. 

Leading financial brands have started their blockchain P2P lending platform development to expand their business across the globe. People may find it hard to believe in P2P lending, but sure the freedom of borrowing without any past credit score may be the glass of wine!

Now, let’s get into the areas of how P2P lending platform can be beneficial, and it’s processing!

Benefits of Blockchain P2P Lending Platform

The traditional lending process from banks and central authorities require highly valuable collaterals, appropriate credit score, and much more documents. Every start-up requires ample time to generate revenue and repay debts. But, this practical difficulty can affect the credit score protocol in banks. Hence, the P2P lending platform shatters these credit score or collateral-based lending process. 

The areas at which the P2P lending platform can be useful are:
Consensus ROI

All over the world, distinct countries follow different rates of interest. Instead, a decentralized blockchain P2P lending platform can fix the legitimate rates of interest. The automated smart contract protocols can set interest rates based on the credibility of the borrower.

Processing Time

P2P lending platform can avoid intermediaries and hence reducing the processing time. Smart contract protocols may be designed in such a way to verify the collaterals of a borrower with the existing database. 

Cutting-off employment charges

P2P lending avoids loan officers, bankers, auditors, and other intermediaries. Hence, the salaries, allowances paid may be effectively reduced. Lenders can reach borrowers directly and resolve their disputes. 

Now, let’s analyze how this wondering P2P lending platform process works!

How Blockchain P2P Lending Platform Works?

Let’s go through the P2P lending process step by step!

1.Lender registers:

The lender who is ready to invest in the P2P lending platform with the desired interest rates can register as the user with the necessary details. Depending upon the client requirements, the P2P lending platform can be developed with the following criteria for the lender registration.  

* Name, Age, Contact Info, 
* Type of investment,
* Jurisdiction Authorised ID Proof,
* Bank account information,
* Desired credibility range,
* Preferred risky investment range,
* Tenure and other teams.

2.Borrower registers:

The borrower who wants to lend money in the P2P lending platform signs up the user account with the required details. Here is the necessary information that is opted while borrower registers on the platform.

* Personal information,
* Authorized Collaterals,
* Repayment sources,
* Guarantor info,
* Government-approved ID Proof,
* Tenure,
* Preferred interest rates.

3.Borrower quotes the loan request:

On registering as a verified user in the P2P lending platform, a borrower submits the loan request in the market place or browses for the existing quotes. Smart contract protocol allows the borrowers to send load requests only for the investors who desire to make such kind of investments. 

4.Lender looks for the preferred investment:

The lender receives a bunch of quotes for the loan approvals from borrowers based on the investment interests. If the lender is satisfied with the borrower profile and interest rates, he can proceed with a meet. 

5.Lender schedules a meet:

The peers meet each other offline or online and then discuss the loan principal, repayment, interest rates, and much more. On satisfying norms, lender and borrower sign up the deal with smart contracts. 

6. Smart Contracts and automated repayments:

The owner of a P2P lending platform can decide about the smart contract protocol regulations and rules. Based on the credit score of the borrower on the P2P lending platform, the smart contract can fix interest rates on the loans. 

Else, the investor can set interest rates based on the risk level of the principal amount. The three basic levels of investments are low-risk, medium-risk, high-risk. If the lender proceeds with low-risk investments, he can afford lower rates of interest. 

P2P lending platform can also be designed with fixed rates of interest based on the client requirements. Smart contracts can also include the credit card or other auto repayment options from the borrower. 

Over to you

Blockchain P2P lending platform development process can be completely customized based on the client requirements. With the top-notch match, engines generate perfect lender, borrower pairs and serve the financial need of the world!

To know more on the P2P lending platform, tap us on live chat or telegram!

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How can Blockchain be used in Healthcare?

Blockchain in Healthcare Industry – Blockchain Firm

Blockchain being the eminent distributed ledger technology can revitalize the entire world with decentralized, transparent processes. Cryptocurrency can be unseen, but the potentiality of the blockchain platform is vast and is spread across the tech environ. 

Blockchain in healthcare industry use cases is immense that it can help medical practitioners decentralize and serve the world with better quality standards. As of now integrating, the supply chain of medicines, maintaining the medical records of a particular patient, diagnosing the disease with appropriate test results, claiming insurance for accidents, and much more are highly hectic. Every sub-division of the healthcare sector operates as a separate section and hence lacks integrity, transparency, and a consensus mechanism in solutions. 

Injecting blockchain tech features into the entire healthcare sector can reorganize the processes into high standards. Now, let’s take a bullet shot look into the areas at which blockchain in healthcare is highly beneficial!

  • Maintaining patient records in a shared network,
  • Consensus mechanism on treatment,
  • Diagnosis of diseases with accurate machinery,
  • Quick processing of insurance claims,
  • Patient’s data can be shared with access for research scholars,
  • Reducing costs on repetitive analysis of medicines & diseases,
  • Proper synchronization between healthcare divisions.

To reap these benefits by incorporating blockchain in healthcare solutions, do ping our experts to lead your entire sector!

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Has Blockchain in Healthcare 2019 Done its Best Part?

Blockchain in the healthcare industry

Blockchain in the healthcare industry

The term blockchain is not new to us anymore. This booming technology has been giving the world numerous advantages. Here are the top benefits of the blockchain in the healthcare industry that every one of us must know.

Blockchain in Healthcare Industry

1.Maintain a transparent medical record

  • Dealing with thousands of people a month and having to record every single detail on papers is tough. Besides manual errors are so threatening that they could cost people’s lives.
  • Not just this, patients are denied their medical history records by the top-notch practices. The reason being, they don’t want their patients switching doctors.
  • The best solution would be to maintain the whole data on a centralized ledger with the access key in the patients’ hands.
  • The concerned person can grant access securely and deny people who don’t need it.

2.Clampdown counterfeit medicines

  • This is a never-resolving problem since the very beginning. Blockchain in healthcare 2019 has somehow managed to clear the clutters and bring in new ideas. This year it was possible for UPS to transport steaks from Tokyo to Kansas and track every move with blockchain.
  • The same way medicines could be tracked from the origin to the very end consumer. This paves the way for better transparency and avoids counterfeit.
  • The end-users scan the QR code to discover the point of manufacture to every place it stopped, delivered goods and everything.

3.Reduce costs with Blockchain

  • Using blockchain for the betterment of the healthcare industry is a wise thing. Gathering data about what your patients do after they stop taking your service is a crucial thing to the services’ development.
  • In such a case, it would take humongous manpower to do this analysis. Having said that, deploying blockchain in the healthcare industry would be of great help.
  • Blockchain data saved on the network for over a period of time is immutable and accessible only for people with authority. This way it is there to stay with safety.
  • There are numerous other benefits that blockchain can give this healthcare industry. However, it all lies in our hands to make the best of it.
  • Yet, to conclude I would quote the best to be UPS tracking the meat with blockchain. As this is going to be the game

The blockchain firm

The blockchain Firm is one of the leading blockchain development company. It offers numerous solutions and services based on blockchain. Besides, there are market-ready products like blockchain finance apps, smart contracts development and much more.

If you have the slightest idea of being the first in the blockchain race, head straight to us. Our doors are always open for you to start a quick plan. Let’s catch up there.

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Undeniable 5 Major utilities of blockchain in financial services you will face in the next decade!

Blockchain in Financial Services

Doesn’t it look similar? Yes! Each of these concepts is similar in one or the other way.  Blockchain is more than a digital database that can record transactions of Bitcoin. Even though many countries hesitate to accept the cryptocurrencies as a legal asset, they couldn’t deny the viable applications of blockchain technology. 

Cryptocurrencies are just an application of blockchain, but it can help every sector in the world to achieve salient features. Fintech industry is the major sector that can bring up changes in every sector indirectly. So, implementing blockchain in financial services can help other sectors believe in the potential of this DLT. 

In this post, let’s understand what blockchain is, its benefits to the industrial process and the major areas of financial services at which it can impact!

What is blockchain? A simple snippet!

Blockchain in Financial Services- Blockchain Firm

Let’s get back to our school days! We can view our syllabus, results in a public portal. Answer papers become inaccessible for us, whereas only the subject teachers who are assessing the papers can access them.

The entire school database contains information about your students, staff, salary, accounts, food, electrical, expenses, and much more data. But, only principal and authorized staff can access the entire database, whereas students can view only their personal info and generic syllabus, results, school achievements. 

You can now easily connect blockchain in your life!

Blockchain is a distributed digital ledger or database of transactions or data stored in sequential order. Data once recorded in blockchain is immutable and the transactions or modifications are approved by the certain authorized network people through proof-of-work. 

Blockchain is categorized into three major categories: Public, Private, Consortium(Hybrid). You may think blockchain is similar to a database, but its features are much more. 

Now, let’s understand the benefits of implementing blockchain in various sectors. 

Benefits of blockchain in industrial solutions

Integrating blockchain tech solutions for the existing industrial processes can bag a bundle of benefits. Some of them are listed here!

  • Decentralization,
  • Transparency,
  • Immutability,
  • Automated Smart Contracts,
  • Verified data or transactions,
  • No reconciliation required,
  • Devoid of human error,
  • Protects from single-point failure,
  • Peer-to-peer transactions,
  • Consensus mechanism,
  • Negotiable inter charges,
  • Timeless transactions,
  • Immense trackability,
  • Tamper-proof,
  • No intermediaries.

Sure, blockchain is still being excavated by blockchain developers and the crypto community to enlarge this list of benefits. Various industries are analyzing the possible ways to implement end-to-end blockchain ecosystems. Hereby, let’s get deeper into the major impacts of blockchain for financial processes!

5 Major utilities of blockchain in financial services

Customer Verification

Blockchain in financial services can save millions for banking industries by decentralizing customer information. Every year around millions is spent in verifying the customer reputation by bankers. A separate team is employed at the back-end of every bank to check the customer information. Instead, decentralizing the verified customer data in the blockchain network can help other banks save efforts, time and money.

Claim Processing 

Insurance is the giant fintech sector involving payments, claims, and recoveries. For every process, they require verification or detailed investigation of situations with proofs. Decentralizing the insurance sector with agents or inspectors at their own locality can help the authorities process claims with no time and effort.  Insurance plans and natural calamity deals are detailed with smart contract applications of the blockchain platform. 

Automated contracts & settlements

Fintech industry is bundled with deals, agreements, contracts of employees, loans and other claims. Detailing every basic of the deal through self-operating smart contract protocols can help achieve a conflict-free financial ecosystem. With dispute-free deals, civil cases can be negotiated in the future. 

Global Payments

Medium, small enterprises face a lot of transaction issues in global payments due to inter charges, higher processing time and intermediaries. Blockchain incorporated the financial sector can overcome the pits in traditional banking for cross-border payments.


The decentralized, peer-to-peer trading with blockchain financial services can cut-off inter transaction fees, processing time and fluctuations. The transparent financial sector can pave the way for margin trading,  accurate share prices, and many more aspects.

Final thoughts

Blockchain is here to disrupt the world! None of the sectors can escape from incorporating blockchain solutions. As of now, since the blockchain community is exploring possible ways to fulfill the enterprise needs, they pass by hurdles. Sure, tech enthusiasts would overcome these obstacles and achieve a legendary, legitimate process.

To implement end-to-end blockchain financial solutions, reach our Blockchain Firm technical experts through live chat or telegram!

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Top 4 salient demands of Enterprise blockchain services you must adopt in this digital era!

Enterprise Blockchain Services

Enterprise blockchain service providers are scrutinizing the possible ways to incorporate the distributed ledger technology to the welfare of sectors. Blockchain has surpassed around a decade successfully with the cryptocurrency use case. But, the vast application of blockchain for enterprise solutions is yet to be innovated to the wide areas. As blockchain is the evolving technology, its expansion in sectors is slower.

However, the top 4 use cases of blockchain technology in every enterprise are predicted by tech enthusiasts. Here’s the blog depicting the areas at which significant changes are on the way!

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Blockchain in Financial Services – Blockchain Firm

Decentralization, transparency, security walls are the salient features that must be incorporated in the finance sector. Blockchain is the only technology that is bundled with the key aspects the financial sector strives for. You can explore the benefits of blockchain in financial services with our expert advice!

To know more about blockchain in fintech ping us at Telegram, Whatsapp or Live Chat

Benefits of blockchain in financial services- Endless list that you must reap in this era!

Blockchain Firm – Blockchain in Financial Services

Blockchain being the paradigm distributed ledger technology of this era can bring decentralized finance sectors into reality. The benefits of blockchain in financial services are vast and is mandated to incorporate the tech to ease the job of bankers!

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