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How can Blockchain be used in Healthcare?

Blockchain being the eminent distributed ledger technology can revitalize the entire world with decentralized, transparent processes. Cryptocurrency can be unseen, but the potentiality of the blockchain platform is vast and is spread across the tech environ.  Blockchain in healthcare industry use cases is immense that it can help medical practitioners decentralize and serve the worldContinue reading “How can Blockchain be used in Healthcare?”


Has Blockchain in Healthcare 2019 Done its Best Part?

Blockchain in the healthcare industry The term blockchain is not new to us anymore. This booming technology has been giving the world numerous advantages. Here are the top benefits of the blockchain in the healthcare industry that every one of us must know. 1.Maintain a transparent medical record Dealing with thousands of people a month and havingContinue reading “Has Blockchain in Healthcare 2019 Done its Best Part?”