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Stunning ICO Marketing Strategies to a Successful ICO

ICO Marketing Agency – Blockchain Firm

What Is ICO Marketing?

You decide to launch an ICO. Then the tokens that you sell have to reach the right audience so you can manage to win the market. Now, how does it reach the right audience? Okay, that is only secondary. How would people know that an ICO is happening on a particular date?

Do you go around telling people individually about such an event? No, hence that work is taken care of by the marketing experts. When you want to reach a wider range of the right audience, you target your advertisements towards them.  For this particular thing to happen, you need the help of an ICO marketing agency or company.

What Is The Best ICO Marketing Strategy?


Firstly attract the audience and create awareness about the ICO that you are going to launch. This is the very first step to ICO marketing that the agency, Blockchain Firm follows. Once the brand is established, and the people are fed with knowledge, the next process takes place. 


Once we gain a certain level of the audience for your ICO, we start engaging them. Interesting social media posts and tweets, blogs, forums come in handy for this level. The more they interact with the brand, the more subconsciously they would start liking it.


Make them your real investors. This is a crucial part of the whole marketing process. This is when you can measure the success of your ICO. Any good ICO marketing agency like the Blockchain Firm would concentrate on doing this. 

What Are The ICO Marketing Services That Blockchain Firm Offers?

  • ICO listing services
  • Website creation
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Social media analysis
  • Social media planning
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Influencer marketing.

If you are looking for the right ICO marketing agency that would follow these clear-cut strategies, then approach Blockchain Firm. This is by far the best ICO marketing agencies in the industry. 


Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms-You can kick-start the business with brand customization in a few steps!

Cryptocurrency grabs the attention of financial experts, investors, and traders due to its growing market value. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency ever, and it stands top in the space even now. The bitcoin has surpassed many chaotic arguments, undesirable judgments about its value, and has now proved itself at the rapid growth crypto market. As of now, BTC has aspired around 5000+ cryptocurrencies to evolve in the crypto market space. 

Trading the cryptocurrencies for distinct coin pairs and liquidity renders lucrative deals to the crypto owners. The crypto traders are fond of arbitrage, market making, and mirroring strategy experiments. Every active crypto trader has an account in the renowned cryptocurrency exchange platform of their choice! 

In this post, let’s have a brief discussion about cryptocurrency exchange platforms!

Cryptocurrency exchange platforms- A Kick-start!

A cryptocurrency exchange platform is a channel that allows its users to buy/sell distinct crypto coins to make profitable deals. The users can buy crypto coins in exchange for fiat money and vice versa. Every crypto owner would have come across the exchange platform at least once in a lifetime!

Crypto exchange platforms are sub-categorized into centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges. Most of the exchange platforms afford their users with an integrated multi-cryptocurrency wallet to store and trade their crypto assets. 

Now, let’s have a glance at how you can build a cryptocurrency exchange platform!

How to build a cryptocurrency exchange platform?

You can build your cryptocurrency exchange platform in two popular techniques. The first and foremost is to approach a cryptocurrency exchange development company and build the platform right from scratch. 

The other option is to purchase a white-label cryptocurrency exchange software and patch up with advanced trading features. You should take immense care while purchasing a white-label script as it deals with the assets of crypto community users! 

You may be liable to pay penalties and the value of crypto coins stoled in the case of cryptocurrency exchange hacks. Hence, it’s a safe and secure practice to inspect the white-label script purchased!

If you’re kick-starting your crypto exchange business, the platform must have some basic attributes to enhance the user experience. Take away these features to build your crypto business firmly!

Take away crypto exchange features!

Let me kick-start your crypto exchange business dreams with bullet shots!

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Instant KYC/AML verification process
  • Escrow service
  • Liquidity API
  • Matching Engine
  • Intuitive UI
  • Customized admin panel

Soon, we expect your cryptocurrency exchange platform to attract more crypto-traders experimenting with their trading strategies!

Blockchain firm’s Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development Services

In today’s world, cryptocurrency has become the hottest topics. It is digital money that is being utilized by many businesses to make transactions.

To perform digital transactions, several reliable cryptocurrency exchange platforms have been developed in recent times. The cryptocurrency exchange platform is a channel that allows users to buy, sell or trade cryptocurrencies.

If you are looking after to launch a cryptocurrency exchange with better trading features, then I would suggest the “Blockchain firm” to build the application. They have a squad of experts who can develop, guide and protect crypto assets in the most efficient way!

Here is a list of services provided by the Blockchain Firm in cryptocurrency exchange development.

1.Bitcoin Exchange Development

Blockchain firm offers you the authorized, encrypted platform for Bitcoin trading so that you can make transactions within secure channels.

2. White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange

They provide you with customized white-label cryptocurrency software composed of a powerful trading engine, multi-level security, high TPS and liquidity.

3. Centralized Crypto Exchange

Blockchain farm delivers you centralized crypto exchange service by providing high security, a well-designed platform with scalability.

4. P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange

They offer you P2P cryptocurrency exchange where your users can experience a decentralized trading platform which results in a safe trading, convenient and flexible environment for the users.

5. Decentralized Exchange Platform

Blockchain Firm renders you the highest security and privacy control over the data transactions by developing the decentralized exchange platform.

Here are some benefits that you can attain from Blockchain Firm crypto exchange development services!

  • Customize the exchange platform
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Customer support 24/7
  • Support all platform ( Android, iOS )

The above-mentioned services are provided by the Blockchain Firm that can help your business to be more flexible, transparent, secure and also earn huge profits.

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The Top 4 Features of a Cryptocurrency Exchange Software!

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development

What is a cryptocurrency exchange software?

This is nothing but an exchange platform where people can buy altcoins, Bitcoins, in exchange for fiat or other cryptos. The platform does lay a fee for each transaction, mostly it is minimal. These exchange platforms are a boon to a lot of crypto users, the reason being easy to access, security, transparency and most importantly these are un-hackable. Many people have already started choosing cryptos over fiat as time passes, considering the reasons mentioned above.

A white-label cryptocurrency exchange

Whita Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

A white-label product is something that one company creates and lets various other companies use them with their brand name. Though the quality of the product does not change, the most important selling point here happens to be the BRAND NAME.

It is the same when it comes to developing a white-label cryptocurrency exchange software. All you have to do is to approach the best cryptocurrency exchange software development company.

The best features of a crypto exchange platform and the best company to develop it.

1. Market orders

This feature lets your traders sell their cryptos for market price. These get executed instantly at the current rate in the market, so you pay the fee as the market taker.

2.Stop orders/stop-loss orders

These orders are executed when the crypto values reach a certain range. These are alternatively called stop-loss orders, which are the most important ones to watch out for. These actually prevent loss and does not require the trader to do the manual job of watching the market all the time.

3.P2P trading

Instead of an intermediate, the peers are directly connected to each other. This way you gain more trust benefits from transaction charges, etc. on the users’ side, they benefit from minimal charges when compared to other platforms.

4.Limit orders

These, in simple terms, are the unexecuted orders, maintained by the specialist who is in the exchange. He keeps a track of all the orders that are unexecuted.

Now, the best company to develop a white-label cryptocurrency exchange software is mostly the one with the best reviews. However, that not true in this world of instant gratification. It is important that you not trust and rely only on reviews to find the best crypto trading software.

It is important that you try their previous products if they are available in the app stores or at least know from their past clients. I hope you find the best cryptocurrency exchange software development company that caters to your needs correctly.

A Beginner’s Guide About Developing a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

In recent years, many companies all over the globe are planning to deploy Blockchain technology into their business. This is mainly because of the increasing value of digital currencies. The popularity of the cryptocurrency has reached peaks because all merchants are ready to integrate payments with crypto coins, and in return, they get a huge profit.

This massive adoption showed impact in all digital currencies like Bitcoins, Litecoin and digital coins.

Developing your own exchange platform equals developing corporations. Definitely, this is not going to be easy until or unless you get to know more about crypto exchange software. Before getting into the exchange development, you must have excellent knowledge of programming and designing skills.  

If you are looking to start up your own cryptocurrency exchange platform, then this step by step guide will take you in the right direction.

Here are the top five basic steps to kick start cryptocurrency exchange platform

Designing Phase:

The first and foremost thing for developing any software is to set up a design. So, as said earlier to develop such basic design, one has to have vast knowledge about designing tools like CSS, HTML and the backend technologies etc. The design should be user- friendly so that people can use them efficiently. 

API ( Application Program Interface )

Once the design of your framework is done, then comes the backend part of the application. The API (application program interface) mainly focuses on developing the admin panel, user authentication and much more. As the name implies it’s the backend process, this is not visible to end-users. 

Injecting Blockchain 

 It is the most crucial phase in developing the exchange platform. Once the design and the API are done, inject blockchain technology into your crypto exchange software. The blockchain is nothing but simply a storage box where all your data is stored with cryptographic encryption. Each time when the transaction occurs between 2 parties, all the data is stored in the blockchain ledger.

Testing Phase

Every software has to reach this phase mandatorily. Once the setup is done, the software has to be tested. If there is any bug or any minor malfunctioning happening in the software, then it is identified in this testing phase and rectified. After this is done, the exchange platform is ready to launch. 

Privacy and Security Control

The privacy of the data is one of the most concerning attributes while developing exchange software. One layer of security is not enough for making leading cryptocurrency exchange business because that can lead to loss of users’ crypto coins. So it’s always better to have a two-layer security feature for user accounts by adding a one-time passcode facility, alert messages if any transaction has been made.


That’s it, this our beginner’s guide. We hope this article has clarified some doubts and will help you to understand better about the cryptocurrency exchange platform. Either way, if you have any questions or opinion, don’t just hold back. Please shoot us on the comments below!

A Brief Chit-Chats on Blockchain Use-Cases by Industry! -Let’s Look at Renaissance of 4 Significant Sectors!

Blockchain Use Cases Industry

The world of technology drastically faces renaissance with distributed ledger technology and decentralized application. The technologists are striving to enforce the features of eminent blockchain technology in significant sectors. The decentralized application built on the blockchain network is effective and heads towards the streamlined process flow with hassle-free community governance.  

Even the federations of developed countries have dived in to build blockchain industrial solutions for every sector. The Swedish government has already stepped into the blockchain space with real estate sector solutions as the pioneer project. In this blog, let’s have a chat on blockchain use cases by industry!

Blockchain Use Cases by Industry

1. Fintech

Blockchain in financial
Blockchain in Financial

Banks, insurance and trading platforms across the world are experimenting with pilot projects in their sectors to enforce blockchain technology. Implementation of blockchain avoids intermediaries and governing bodies to a greater extent, thereby transaction costs, interest rates can be reduced. 

Intermediaries in the conventional fintech sector increase the processing time for money transfers and other financial processes. Blockchain-based fintech sector can rapidly process the money transfers, reconciliations and other major processes. Decentralized, digitized records with blockchain financial system devoid physical documentation and counterfeit activities in the sector. Moreover, the distributed ledger technology leverages community governance, and hence, the reconciliation, verification and other operations in the financial industries become error-free and comfortable. 

2. Healthcare

Blockchain in healthcare
Blockchain in Healthcare

Healthcare sector has improvised the data management system a lot. But, it has a long way to go with blockchain technology. Integrating the medical records with diagnostic reports for the lifetime is hectic even for an individual to maintain with physical documents. Then, it is tedious for healthcare systems too!

Blockchain healthcare ecosystem can integrate and effectively manage patient medical records, diagnostic reports, pharma supply chain, physicians data, drug information, demographic charts and other significant information. Millions of patient data stored in centralized servers are vulnerable, and the hackers grab their bank account details, personal and health information. With the blockchain healthcare system, streamlined, appropriate ailments can be rendered to the entire humanity. Research scholars can grab the information from the decentralized blockchain network and avoid reworks, clinical trials on the drugs. 

3. Real Estate

Blockchain in Real Estate
Blockchain in Real Estate

Blockchain technology could add values to the assets with digitized transactions. Real estate sector is resistant to the digital evolutions have stepped forward to impose blockchain solutions in its processes. Digitized property ledger, transparent property listing, legitimate transactions, appropriate transaction charges and guidance value would be pioneer advantages of blockchain real estate platform. 

The miner nodes of the blockchain network can manage the property listing with verified properties, and the peers could directly transfer the assets without any intermediaries. With P2P transactions, intermediary charges, due diligence costs and brokerages can be completely negotiated in the real estate sector. Complete digitalization, smart contracts and legitimate transactions are the paradigm features of blockchain-powered real estate platform. 

4. Supply Chain Management

Blockchain in Supply Chain Management
Blockchain in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management becomes the undeniable process in every product industry. Still, the process highly relies on paper documentation and inspections, which makes it inaccurate and vulnerable to damages. The digitized traversing of products with community governance and automated inspection can be enforced in supply chain management with blockchain technology. The technologists are revamping the sector with blockchain supply chain management software

With automated smart contract protocol quality inspection, the quality products can be delivered to the consumers. The lack of integrity among industries can be devoid with the blockchain supply chain application. Immutable blockchain supply chain application enhances the transparency, traceability and scam-free product traversing. 

Final Standpoint!

Blockchain industrial applications can uplift humanity with transparent, traceable, digitized, decentralized, secure, scam-free merchandise and services! Let the world experience the legitimate and transparent process stream with blockchain technology on its wings!

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What are the Mandate Functionalities to Look in a Crypto P2P Lending Platform?- A Technical Guide!

P2P Lending Platform – Blockchain Firm

People become lenders while utilizing the bank accounts for deposits and savings willingly or unwillingly. The traditional banking organizations incur huge transaction fees on maintaining bank accounts, as well they earn around 30% interest rates from borrowers. But, only around 1-2% of the profits are shared with the account holders. 

Here comes the P2P lending platform to boom your earnings with the safest investment! The P2P lending platforms started up in early 2005 at the UK. Later due to some risks and lack of integrity, the people lost hopes in the investment option. The fintech industry has now revamped the channel with blockchain P2P lending platform development! Preventing lenders from risks, enhancing transparency, security and automated repayments, the functionalities of P2P lending platforms are intense and ergonomic!

In this post, let’s discuss the mandate functionalities to be induced in the P2P lending platform development!

Mandate Functionalities to Induce in a P2P Lending Platform Development!

P2P Lending Platform Development - Blockchain Firm
P2P Lending Platform – Blockchain Firm

1. Order Book

In the P2P lending platform assets are securely traded with automated smart contract protocols, and the lenders earn the interest rates. Ethereum blockchain lending platform allows you to place investment and borrow order. The blockchain lending channel enhances the security of investment for lenders and minimal collaterals for loan approvals from borrowers.

2. Matching Engine 

P2P lending platform’s match engine connects lenders with borrowers directly without any intermediaries. The match engine analyzes the interest rates and norms of the lender quote and the borrower’s request. Once the terms and conditions of both lenders and borrowers match, their contact information is shared. The lender and borrower of the assets can connect and proceed with the deal!

3. Self-Operating Liquidity

If the repayments are on due and the collateral value is 110% of the principal amount borrowed, it’s sold out and settled to the lender. The difference amount is handed over to the borrower. With self-operating liquidation, the lender’s investment becomes risk-free, and the borrower’s repayment gets settled. 

4. Early Payouts

Borrowers can sign-off the principal amount earlier than the tenure specified on willingness. Based on the time elapsed, the borrowed principal amount is calculated for the interest rates by the lender. The lender can re-invest the principal amount on gaining these payouts. 

5. Non-Custodial

The collaterals and other documents submitted by borrowers, investors and the norms of exchange platforms are stored in automated smart contract protocols. Without any specific conditions, the collaterals can never be moved without the consent of other parties involved in P2P lending platforms. 

6. Assets

The P2P lending platforms can decide the assets to be lent through the channel. Some of the platforms function with crypto assets, while others on fiat transfers. Few entrepreneurs are scrutinizing through the process of hybrid P2P lending platform development with fiat and crypto-assets. 

7. Device compatibility

The P2P lending platform is expected to hit vast user-base within a few years. The community members preferences vary in utilizing multiple devices and operating systems. Hence, the P2P lending platform must support:

  1. Desktop,
  2. Mobile,
  3. iOS,
  4. Android

8. Multi-Lingual

The lenders and borrowers need not be educated in global languages. The P2P lending platform which is launched, must support multiple languages across the globe. The plugins can be added in the lending platform to support multiple languages. The ease of utilizing native language can fetch extensive user-base for the platform. 

Final Wrap-Up!

P2P lending platforms are earning huge in recent years and make a better partnership deal for investors. The blockchain-powered P2P lending platform can be highly secure with automated smart contract protocols and better repayment options. Enhanced security, decentralization, devoid of governance and auto-reconciliation features of blockchain can be more assuring for the P2P lending channels!

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How are you making money with Crypto?

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

There are numerous lucrative ways one can make money with cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that can be exclusively traded on digital platforms. Cryptos do not have a physical form and they are in contrast to fiat currencies.”

Many subfields have emerged this digital asset, given its potential for profit, innovation, and growth. When it comes to cryptos, there are many strategies to double your income. Here are a few examples:

  1. Buy and Sell Cryptos

This explains the basic process, i.e., buying cryptos while the price is low and selling them when the price is high.

It’s the same as investing in the stock market. Bitcoins are high-priced whereas coins like Ripple are cheap.

2. Buy & Hold

This is the same strategy that resembles buying and selling but primarily focuses on holding the cryptos. In this category, you do not sell coins instead you keep them in circulation.

3. Staking the Cryptos

This is a blend of buying, selling, and holding. The first step here is buying cryptos. After that, you sell them for profits and at the same time receiving dividends from holding.

4. Crypto Mining

Mining is not an easy task since it requires in-depth knowledge and high computing processors. It requires huge investments and planning, but correlation between profits & investment is definite.

5. Trading

This is the best way to double your cryptos. If you have enough knowledge on cryptos and trading principles, then Day Trading is the best option for you.

Since the crypto market is a volatile one, another good idea is stepping into automated trading. Here, you invest your cryptos and make a crypto bot work for you.

Do check out our earlier blog posts, share them with your friends and let them too be part of the Blockchain Firm success story!

A Guide To Set Up Your Decentralized Crypto Exchange Platform — Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

A Guide To Set Up Your Decentralized Crypto Exchange Platform- The Complete Ins & Outs!

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

✔️ Cryptocurrencies have risen to its fame even in these pandemic crises. Experts address the unexpected, negative scenarios as “Black Swan”. The world is now facing this black swan crisis, and hence the investors are swapping their assets to stable crypto coins. Hence, the experts consider the cryptocurrencies as “Gold-2.0”

✔️ Crypto owners buy or sell their cryptocurrencies in the exchange platforms. As of now, three categories of crypto exchanges are more popular. They have centralized, Decentralized and Peer-to-Peer exchanges. In this blog, let’s unearth the complete ins and outs of decentralized crypto exchange platforms!

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10 Easy-Breezy Steps to Kick-Start Your Cryptocurrency Exchange Business Right Now!

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development

The billion-dollar crypto space is expanding its opportunities every day. A year ago, in 2019, the total crypto coins in the coin market cap were 2300+, but you could see the inflammation to double the size, I.e., 5300+ in 2020. The drastic increase in cryptocurrencies has evidenced a promising growth for the investors and traders.

Initially, the community peers showered their interest in mining crypto coins. Due to the increase in complexity and competitive spirits, the peers are shifting towards setting up the business in the crypto market. Some of the peers grab white-label exchange scripts from well-orchestrated cryptocurrency development services and launch their exchange platforms! You can find vast options around crypto space to build a business!

In this blog, let’s have a quick chit-chat to start your cryptocurrency exchange business!

10 steps to start your cryptocurrency exchange

1. Decide the type of exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange platforms are yielding huge profits from their community users through various services rendered. A most popular type of crypto exchange is the centralized exchange! Even though cryptocurrencies were invented to avoid intermediaries, people still require third-party governance to perform smooth trades and transactions. Hence, centralized exchanges play a vital role in crypto space. You can decide on the type of cryptocurrency exchange you want to launch!

Types of crypto exchanges are:

  • Centralized
  • Decentralized
  • P2P

2. Scrutinize Extensive MarketSpace

Conduct thorough research on the crypto market space. Find the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, listed cryptocurrencies, features, their add-on services, and much more. Aim to provide the best possible features on your crypto exchange platform, and you can even take up the survey from investors to build exchanges.

3. Decide the geographical location

Analyze the crypto market space and set the base of your crypto exchange business. Every federation does not accept cryptocurrencies and their exchange platforms, hence, setting geolocation must be your primary decision.

Popular cryptocurrency exchanges are based out of the USA, Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, Luxemburg, Hong Kong, Malta, Estonia, and Bermuda.

4. Peep through the laws of the jurisdiction

Abiding by the laws of jurisdiction is the significant process of every business setup. On deciding your geolocation, have a detailed perspective on the laws of jurisdiction regarding cryptocurrencies and its related business. Some of the federations are supportive of the crypto business, while others are not. The governments are framing their laws for crypto assets based on their people, economy, and other aspects. Deviating from the norms can cause an impact in your crypto exchange business!

5. Head towards legal consultants

Every year the government revises its business laws and regulations. Hence, it’s better to approach a legal consultant to check out the laws of setting up a cryptocurrency exchange platform. Legal professionals may guide you in the right pathway to set up the business without any hassles.

6. Determine the cost of development

You can decide to build the cryptocurrency exchange from square one or develop the well-structured white-label script. The choice is yours! The cost of developing the exchange by a cryptocurrency exchange development company is decided upon various factors. They consider add-on features, back-end technology, database support, and many more factors. You can consult the companies and get a quote from them by discussing your requirements!

7. Work with Development company

You can decide on a crypto exchange development company based on their technical expertise, project portfolio, and price quote. The company must have a team of blockchain developers, front-end developers, marketing professionals, business analysts, and other people to support your project.

8. Consolidate the list of features

Build your cryptocurrency exchange platform with advanced features, so that your users must glide on with the elegant user-interface. Try utilizing all the competitive exchanges and list out the features you aspire. Consolidate the list and think upon features to add-on!

Mandated features for a cryptocurrency exchange includes:

  • Instant KYC Verification
  • Multi-currency support
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Wallet integration
  • Liquidity
  • Crowdfunding tokens listing

9. Launch the crypto exchange

You can configure and launch the cryptocurrency exchange platform for the target audience now! Your cryptocurrency exchange platform must be outreached to the potential audience with innovative marketing techniques. Try outreaching your exchange platform in possible community portals, search engines, social media, and advertisement campaigns.

10. Round the clock support

The customers become panic while entering a novice cryptocurrency exchange platform. Hence, your platform must be designed to render round the clock technical support to the users. At initial stages, the users may not be in millions; hence every user is your valuable asset, afford them support rapidly. The customer support helps you stand out of the crowd and gathers a massive user base!


Increasing demand for digitized and asset backups can expand the growth of cryptocurrencies. It’s always a better choice to fail and rise first. Hence, kick-start your cryptocurrency exchange business and launch your platform right now!

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What is Blockchain Technology? & It’s Use cases — Blockchain Firm

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a digital and decentralized network in which the records are shared among a distributed network of computers. Blockchain offers you a definitive option when the data that is to be stored is fragmented at the source or when data security is inconsistent.

This Distributed Ledger Technology helps to increase the transaction speed with enhanced security, and it is potent enough to streamline & accelerate your business processes, increase the protection against cyber threats, and eliminate intermediaries.

What is Blockchain Consulting?

Blockchain Consulting lays the foundation for an individual or a company to develop, maintain, and analyze blockchain and crypto-related products and services. It also helps to facilitate technological updates, long-term assistance, and operational decisions across the globe.

What do Blockchain Consulting Companies Provide?

Blockchain Consulting Company

When an individual or a business approaches a blockchain consulting company, they help them with the product idea, either partially or on the whole. They also assist businesses with the ideal blockchain platform that best suits their requirements.

A blockchain consulting company comprises a group of experts along with a team of blockchain developers, technical architects, and research professionals join hands to offer the customers the most feasible solution for their blockchain-based projects.

“Blockchain Consulting is a fundamental part of every Blockchain Development Ideation.”

4 Questions to Answer before Incorporating Blockchain?

  • How can this DLT add value to your company’s value chain?
  • How will technology impact your business in the future?
  • What are the legal implications for your company?
  • What are the obstacles to integrating this technology?

How Will a Blockchain Consulting Firm Help You?

1.Strategic Consultation for Blockchain Implementation

  • They assess your current state of technology and future plans to evaluate the use of blockchain technology.
  • They also help you to analyze the requirements to formulate effective blockchain implementation strategies.

2. Blockchain-ERP Consultation Services

  • A right consultation firm complies with the Industry 4.0 Standards to enhance your businesses through blockchain-ERP integration.
  • They provide you with tech-driven ERP systems along with next-gen technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and IoT.

3. Blockchain-Powered Design

  • A well-structured consulting company helps you employ dynamic design techniques to formulate an enterprise roadmap & other implementation strategies.
  • Besides, the firm also helps you create operating models, design prototypes to develop a deployment roadmap that boosts the development lifecycle.

4. Blockchain Ecosystem Management

  • A consulting firm should extend its support and ensure that your blockchain enterprise application operates smoothly with reduced complexities and downtime.

What are the Steps Involved in a Blockchain Consultation Process?

  • Project Discussion
  • Business Requirements Analysis
  • Technical Analysis of the Project
  • Delivering the Final Report

To Know More About- Blockchain Technology & Services!