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Has Blockchain in Healthcare 2019 Done its Best Part?

Blockchain in the healthcare industry

Blockchain in the healthcare industry

The term blockchain is not new to us anymore. This booming technology has been giving the world numerous advantages. Here are the top benefits of the blockchain in the healthcare industry that every one of us must know.

Blockchain in Healthcare Industry

1.Maintain a transparent medical record

  • Dealing with thousands of people a month and having to record every single detail on papers is tough. Besides manual errors are so threatening that they could cost people’s lives.
  • Not just this, patients are denied their medical history records by the top-notch practices. The reason being, they don’t want their patients switching doctors.
  • The best solution would be to maintain the whole data on a centralized ledger with the access key in the patients’ hands.
  • The concerned person can grant access securely and deny people who don’t need it.

2.Clampdown counterfeit medicines

  • This is a never-resolving problem since the very beginning. Blockchain in healthcare 2019 has somehow managed to clear the clutters and bring in new ideas. This year it was possible for UPS to transport steaks from Tokyo to Kansas and track every move with blockchain.
  • The same way medicines could be tracked from the origin to the very end consumer. This paves the way for better transparency and avoids counterfeit.
  • The end-users scan the QR code to discover the point of manufacture to every place it stopped, delivered goods and everything.

3.Reduce costs with Blockchain

  • Using blockchain for the betterment of the healthcare industry is a wise thing. Gathering data about what your patients do after they stop taking your service is a crucial thing to the services’ development.
  • In such a case, it would take humongous manpower to do this analysis. Having said that, deploying blockchain in the healthcare industry would be of great help.
  • Blockchain data saved on the network for over a period of time is immutable and accessible only for people with authority. This way it is there to stay with safety.
  • There are numerous other benefits that blockchain can give this healthcare industry. However, it all lies in our hands to make the best of it.
  • Yet, to conclude I would quote the best to be UPS tracking the meat with blockchain. As this is going to be the game

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