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Blockchain for Marketing- A Boon or Ban to be Revolutionized in the Next 5 Years?

Blockchain Marketing Agency – Blockchain Firm

Cyber Crime.Hacking. Marketing. 

Is it far if anyone is peeping through the browsing history and advertise their products without the permission of yours? YES! This is what happens to every one of us in this digital era! But, could blockchain marketing services vanish this chaos by which marketers steal our data without any consent? This would be the hot deal of this era for digital marketers!

We all would have felt those embarrassing moments when someone is watching from the back when we’re browsing through the web. This happens with our notice! But at the backend of every website, third-party cookies extract our interests, required products, and much more to advertise relevant products and services. 

In the upcoming decades, privacy and security would be the critical aspects of web users. When the world is hunger about things, technologists must bring up the solutions. Blockchain developers are believed to play a vital role in these areas. 

In this blog post, let’s discuss what is all about the blockchain for marketing services and what it can bring for marketers!

What is the blockchain for web users?

Blockchain is a simple ledger that records every transaction, data, or interaction of an individual with the web. The thing which makes blockchain unique is its distributed, decentralized nature. The data is created, copied across the network simultaneously to avoid single-point failures. 

Blockchain data is immutable, and the changes to be added, modified are included as new data blocks. The existing blocks are left unchanged. This is similar to the government land ledgers in our real-time application. Blockchain verifies and includes the data block with its authorized community of people. Hence, further changes are not allowed in a particular data block. 

If the website, brand, or retailer peeps through your browsing data, they can’t access your data without permission if the blockchain is encrypted. The entire web can be revamped with high privacy & security of users with blockchain encryption in the upcoming years. 

Is blockchain for marketing professionals too? 

Blockchain Marketing Agency – Blockchain Firm

YES! Of course, with the enhanced boon of definitive data of consumers with their permissions. 

Instead of getting the dumped data from thrid-party cookies that are irrelevant, marketers could collect the definitive interests of the consumer. As of now, every brand tries advertising through different channels like social media, email, community marketing, and much more. But, everything is just becoming heaps of dust in the inbox. 

Marketers are unaware of whether the email is sent to the right person with a specific interest area. People ignore widespread discount mails. Despite, marketers can collect the first-party data of the consumers with their concent and proceed with advertising products & services of the brand. 

With blockchain in hands, marketers can do wonders in consumer’s data with transparency. Here’re some of the areas at which industry has already started to dig the ways for marketing with the expert blockchain Marketing services Agency!

How can blockchain marketing revolutionize the web?

General data privacy protection laws and regulations are hectic to be followed, and the brands can never escape from the prying eyes too. It’s always a great deal for website owners to maintain the privacy of users, and hence data protection officers claim lumps of salary to be paid. 

Blockchain can end the game of hackers and protect the data of web users and owners. Giant brands can begin advertising their products with a definitive view of consumer interest. As of now, brands are considering the validity of third-party cookies as three days to sort the user requirements. But, this too becomes a false game. 

To get precise data on consumer needs, it’s better if they provide it to marketers. This is what is the boon of blockchain marketing. Despite sending thousands and thousands of emails that are being unboxed in the mailbox, blockchain marketing services can target the potential audience. 

Here’re some fo the consumer beneficiary programs that can be included in blockchain-based marketing of large brands!

Consumer beneficial programs to promote brands!

Blockchain is no more a novice technology; it’s been a decade since cryptocurrencies, and this distributed ledger technology invaded our planet. 

So, blockchain developers are ready with a growing list of innovative techniques for interactive web users and brands! Here’re some of the tit-bits!

Smart deals

Smart contracts are becoming more popular in blockchain and crypto space. Brands can offer shares, cahs rewards, coins, and many more to recognize their value-added website users who share their data for marketing purposes through smart contracts. Companies can set their specified condition on smart deals to reward consumers. 

Many people feel uncomfortable to look into ads continuously while watching videos. Instead, paying for ad clicks or examining the details directly to web users can pave the way for affiliate marketing in a P2P manner.


Giant brands have already started rewarding their coins for customers through loyalty programs on every purchase. E-Commerce sites can redeem their super brand coins to purchase other products within the same site. 

But, decentralizing the brand coins to purchase products from other service providers can increase user interaction with companies for marketing. Companies can also offer discounts to the consumer based on their activities. 

Referral bonus

Social media has boomed with millions of fitness freaks, fashion designers, shopping reviewers, travelers, product reviewers, and much more influential people. Millions of followers scroll through their accounts for updates in products. 

To enhance product promotion, brands can reward influencers with super coins for every lead. Influencers can pay loyalty coins and utilize the brand posts, product videos to promote the products. Also, users can be rewarded with coins to verify their email addresses so that companies can send offers and incentives to potential users. 

Over to the brand ambassadors!

As far now, we have discussed just chit-chats of blockchain marketing services and its benefits to the users. Vast areas are yet to be covered. Digital marketers and brands have to be prepared with some handy data regarding:

  • The channel at which your potential users spend time,
  • Secure storage of consumer data,
  • Usage of consumer data for advertising purposes. 

Once the marketing professionals are ready with the recent consumer data, then they can bang the industry with their products to the potential audiences. The next decade would be promising with blockchain, privacy, and security features for the valuable users of the web!

To launch the first-party interactive blockchain marketing strategies for your brand, join discussions with Blockchain Firm through live chat or telegram!


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