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A Short and Quick Guide to Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company

In recent years, cryptocurrency exchanges witnessed a steady increase in the trading volume, and the scenario continues.. There are different types of crypto exchanges in the market: some provide advanced trading & coin exchanges while others are good for margin trading.

“With the number of digital assets increasing, many tech-savvy people have already engaged themselves in developing cryptocurrency exchange software with varying features.”

Crypto Exchange Platform Business

People involved in cryptocurrency exchange software development business should keep in mind a set of protocols (listed below):

  1. Choosing the Locality to Run the Business

* You can start a crypto exchange, either targeting the local regions or the entire world. However, for both the operations, you need to get approvals and licenses from the respective authorities.

* It’s better to consult a professional who is an expert in providing legal advice that helps your business comply with the local/international rules and regulations.

2. Following the KYC Norms

* All governments across the globe now require crypto-based business owners to stick with the KYC norms. This is a big step towards anti-money laundering. So, you must set up a legal KYC verification for your exchange.

3. Partner with a Payment Processor

* To accept fiat payments on your exchange, you have to partner with a bank or a reliable payment processor. Make sure the partnering agent is capable of processing transactions instantly.

4. Dashboard View

* Liquidity is the crucial factor that helps a crypto exchange to run smoothly. Customers tend to invest funds or place orders when they find an order book on the homepage.

* Here are some tips to include liquidity: trade validation, boost your trading activities with self-made accounts, deploy an API interface, and join crypto exchange communities.

5. Never Compromise on the Security

* Your exchange should have safety measures enabled for both exchange operators and the participants.

* Also, the exchange should shield the KYC, bank, and other personal information of your customers.

6. Customer Support

* Employ a 24*7 customer support service to handle users’ queries, KYC requests, deposit & withdrawal processes, and authorization-related issues.

What does a Crypto Exchange Software look like?

  1. A reliable crypto exchange platform usually possesses the following features.
  2. A Trade Engine
  3. User Interface
  4. Cryptocurrency Wallet
  5. A reliable Admin Panel

Blockchain-Backed Peer-to-Peer Crypto Lending Platform

p2p crypto lending platform development

P2P networks are those that directly connect all the participants in the same network. We all are aware of eBay and Craigslist (popular P2P platforms). They have already transformed the market for used consumer goods.

What is P2P Lending?

P2P Lending connects the borrower with the lender in a blockchain network. There are a lot of P2P lending websites on the Internet that facilitate debt transactions. P2P Lending has become a dynamic opportunity for lenders to invest and earn profits.

Not all P2P lending platforms are the same. They differ in type and approach. Some platforms connect borrowers and lenders directly, whereas a few platforms link them via a third-party source.

Some P2P websites allow lenders to fix interest rates, and on the other hand, some sites will enable them to preset rates based on their past performance and credit score.

Why is Bank-based Lending seeing a Downfall?

Last year witnessed a steady increase in the total number of P2P crypto lending applications. This clearly states that the entire world is interested in crypto-based Lending rather than traditional loans. Let’s see the significant differences between P2P and bank-based Lending.

Though the technology sector is enhancing every day, getting a loan from a bank is still a tedious task. Banks require a number of legal documents from borrowers. The list includes proof-of-residence, higher credit score, proof-of-employment, previous months’ bank statements, and some banks even ask for collateral.

“Even when the borrower submits all the documents on time, he/she has to wait for more than ten days for the loan to get approved and another ten days to receive the loan once sanctioned. This is the primary reason people are shifting towards P2P Lending.” 

How does P2P Lending Work?

P2P Lending involves borrowing a loan without the need to approach a conventional lender, for example, banks. The loans are approved and sanctioned by investors and lending companies across the globe. Borrowers, either individuals looking for personal loans or companies looking for business loans, can make use of P2P Lending.

How are Loans Processed in P2P Lending?

An investor decides how much money they wish to invest in the platform. Depending on the lending platform they invest in, their investments will be distributed accordingly. Let’s see an example.

Assume that an investor decides to invest in a platform. He/She has two options to set on the money disbursement.

  1. An investor can choose to fund one particular loan.
  2. An investor may decide to invest in multiple loans.

We have done significant research on these two categories and found that experts and lending platforms recommend the second one because it reduces the risk of losing all your money.

Besides, investors can set the minimum interest rate and select a loan that best fits their needs. Whereas, the platform admin sets the investment decisions in some cases.

When a borrower applies for a loan, the lending platform evaluates the credentials provided by him/her and approves the borrower’s loan. The admin evaluates the borrower’s suitability by verifying the credit history and their capability to repay the loan on the given tenure.

Advantages of P2P Loans

  • Blockchain-backed Peer-to-Peer loans are faster than bank-based loans.
  • P2P lending platforms offer better rates than conventional methods.
  • P2P platforms also offer a flexible market, where participants can negotiate.

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Blockchain Consulting Services Company – Blockchain Firm

Let me begin here. This article will explain what is considered so revolutionary about this technologyI hope this will be highly beneficial to you.

What do you mean by blockchain technology?

Blockchain is a technology based on the decentralized virtual network with blocks of information. These blocks can be programmed to represent any data from money to a birth certificate. All these blocks are interconnected. When a piece of info is linked to the other blocks, it can never be changed again. This has been quite revolutionary because it allows us to keep track of everything.

Blockchain is one of the best technologies for saving and composition of information. With all the advantages that this technology has to offer, it is evolving like a disaster.

Here is what it can offer us :

  • Transparency
  • Decentralization
  • Faster transaction settlements
  • Reduced transaction costs

Where can you get these services?

If you are into an idea of developing your business through blockchain, then consult a blockchain developing company. If you ask me then I would suggest the “Blockchain Firm.”
As they have a squad of enthusiast blockchain developers who can guide you in this digital space, and make your business a profitable one. 

Services provided by the Blockchain Firm:Cryptocurrency consulting services:

* They provide us the best cryptocurrency-related services from the base till trading the cryptos along with expert knowledge.

Exchange consulting services:

* They help us in choosing the best exchange platforms for trading cryptos. Hence we can increase our earnings.

DApps consulting services:

* They develop a decentralized application according to the requirement of the industries. 

Blockchain consultation services provided by Blockchain Firm:

A team of members analyses the current market scenario and collects the information about the best crypto investment plans and other marketing strategies.

Here are some of the consultation services offered by them:

  • Crowdfunding techniques.
  • Marketing strategies.
  • Investment consultation.
  • Application development consultation.

Cryptocurrency consulting services:

So If you’re looking for blockchain consultation services to develop your business, then it is best to approach a blockchain development company that has expertise in your domain.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of P2P Lending?

P2P crypto lending platform development
  • Peer-to-peer lending is a form of direct borrowing of money from one individual to another without any official financial center participating as an intermediate in the deal. 
  • P2P lending is generally done through online platforms that match lenders with potential borrowers.

In this guide, we will take a look at the pros and cons of peer-to-peer lending.

  • In a traditional lending process like bank loans, a person should need to spend a lot of time in processing the loan., Whereas, in the P2P lending platform, you can lend or borrow your money between two peers in no time.

  • P2P lending is composed of smart contract agreements to avoid conflicts, and it is an automated lending process.

  • In this, the investor gets higher returns when compared to other investments.

  • As there is no intermediate in the process, the investor is free from the transaction fee.

  • As the process remains more quick and uncomplicated, it is considered more flexible than traditional money lending.


  • Basically, the most important risk is when you decide to deploy your capital in a P2P platform, be clear in choosing your platforms because if something goes wrong, then your money is at risk.

  • Any interest if you earn from this process, you will be taxed, and also you need to declare on your annual tax return.

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The Best Features of White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange: Blockchain Firm

The cryptocurrency exchange platform is a place to trade your digital assets. It supports multiple cryptocurrencies  such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. 

Nowadays, most of the companies have started to create a cryptocurrency exchange. So to perform transactions between two companies in a platform with no time, there is one readymade software available known as the white label cryptocurrency exchange platform.

What does a white label mean?

Best white label cryptocurrency exchange

A White label software is already up, running, pre-tested, and is ready to get deployed, which helps a startup business or an entrepreneur to get started with their exchange business.

The white label crypto software lets the organization customize it according to their business requirements and aesthetics.

This white label software provides you a unique identity like a brand logo, theme colors, and modules.

Perquisites of white label cryptocurrency exchange:

  1. The main advantage would be, as said before, the software can be customized according to your business prospects. Hence you can modify the modules of your wish without any software queries. 
  1. As it is a previously manufactured software, you just have to buy, install, setup, and immediately you can get started with your own crypto exchange platform.
  1. The white label cryptocurrency exchange platform enhances the cryptocurrency world with its high efficiency and smooth running techniques.
  1. As this software is highly cost-effective, and therefore you can start your cryptocurrency exchange immediately.

The white label cryptocurrency exchange software saves your industries valuable time that would be spent while looking after the development process of any software.

It doesn’t matter to which industry you belong to, and this exchange platform is quite beneficial.

This white label cryptocurrency exchange is applicable for many industries namely,

  • Healthcare 
  • Finance
  • Supply chain management
  • Ecommerce
  • Gaming etc..

Where can you buy the White label cryptocurrency exchange platform?

If you are looking for one, you can get in touch with the “Blockchain Firm” for a White label crypto exchange software as they possess a powerful trading engine, high TPS, and multilevel security.


If you’re into the idea of starting-up the white label cryptocurrency exchange platform, then pick this platform. Just install, configure, and deploy and start your business and enjoy a massive amount of remuneration.

Blockchain Consulting Company — Blockchain Firm

Blockchain Consulting Services Company

Have you wondered how you can use Blockchain technology for your business the right way? Our Blockchain Consulting Services offers the best solution for your business needs. Our team of talented Blockchain developers will engage with you and will provide the exact solution. We will come up with the most relevant use case for your business and implement it in your production environment with ease. Why wait to join us? Hurry up and get the industry’s best Blockchain Consulting services at Blockchain Firm.

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Blockchain Marketing Agency- Blockchain Firm

Blockchain Marketing Agency – Blockchain Firm

Wanted to design a perfect strategy to outreach your blockchain tech products? You can reach out to the professional blockchain marketing agency to achieve your targets!

For More - Best Digital Marketing Agency

Have You Ever Noticed These Flaws in Traditional Banking? Here’re Solutions with the P2P Lending Platform!

Barter System. Banking. Bitcoin!

Feels there is some close relationship between “B” and the economic revolution! Isn’t it!

YES! We have traveled a long way back since the trading has pierced through this universe. Right from the barter system, humans have evolved in asset transfers to popular e-banking of this era. 

Since the invention of cryptocurrencies, they took up the global market with its high standard asset transfer process. Avoiding intermediary charges and fastest transactions, it came up with flying colors in this decade. As of now, leading crypto investors have dived into the hassle-free business of blockchain P2P crypto lending platform development!

In this blog post, let us pinpoint some of the flaws in the banking system and how blockchain, P2P lending platforms can be the real solutions!

Obvious Flaws of the Banking Sector!

Let me put you the bullet shots of common flaws that’s in the current banking and intermediary transfers!

  • Currency is the current asset transaction method that is happening in banks. The limitations of local currency with fluctuations in value makes it hectic for the overseas transaction. 
  • Intermediaries, banks involved in global transactions take a handsome of money as a commission fee and also take 5-15 business days to complete the transaction. 
  • Banks and other global third-parties processes the transaction for a very long time. Verification and reconciliation are the headache tasks for every banker. 
  • With the central system of hosting, the banking industry is exposed to hackers and other cyber attacks. All the users of banks are at risk of exposing their data, money, and asset information to the fraudsters through a single point of failure. 
  • The central bank systems include a set of rules and regulations for lending money. But, due to some imperfections in entrepreneurship, there may be delays in repayments. This may affect the loan approvals. 

Now, let’s get into the details of the lending process!

What is all About P2P Lending?

Blockchain P2P Lending Platform Development

P2P lending platform eliminates the intermediaries and banking system and creates a direct connection with investors and lenders. Unlike banks, the lumps of money are crowdsourced through multiple investors to reduce the risk of repayments. 

Starting from $1 to millions of dollar investors can split their assets and lend them across the community. According to the sum of money involved and risk, the investors can fix the interest rates and proceed with the lending process. In advanced, lending platforms, the lenders are rated with reviews for every trade. This helps investors to borrow money in the future. 

Here’s the next evolution of the P2P crypto lending platform!

What Makes P2P Crypto Lending for the Futuristic Era?

The critical aspect of the P2P crypto lending platform is that instead of traditional currencies, crypto coins are lent to the borrowers. The most popular cryptocurrencies used for P2P crypto lending are bitcoin and ethereum. 

With added advantages of blockchain technology, the P2P crypto lending platform is decentralized, secure, and immutable. In the upcoming days, the P2P crypto lending platform would be the appropriate channel for global investors and lenders. 

P2P crypto lending has paved the way for all kinds of lenders who lack some documentation and other processes according to central banking norms. 

Final Thoughts!

The blockchain-based P2P Crypto lending platform would be the best part for the global economy in the future era. It could connect investors and lenders across the world. Also, it can lower the risk for investors by splitting out the assets across the lenders. 

Investors have the freedom to set their interest rates based on the asset involved and tenure period, risk factors. To launch your blockchain P2P crypto lending platform, join hands with Blockchain Firm team through live chat or telegram!

Past, Present & Future of Blockchain Technology as of Now!

Blockchain technology is still a rookie in the tech world. Tech enthusiasts are unleashing the power of distributed ledger technology for enterprise solutions with privacy and transparency. The former two concepts may be contradictory, but for enterprises, some areas must be private, and the consumer goods have to be transparent. This way, the entire blockchain tech world is trying to render enterprise blockchain services for every sector to enhance immense legitimacy!

Now, let’s dive deeper into the past, present, and future scenarios of blockchain technology and the enterprise tech world!

Past, Present & Future of Blockchain Tech world

Rewinding the Past Scenario

Blockchain technology was invented as a distributed digital database that records transactions of Bitcoin(First-ever Cryptocurrency) in chronological order. Later the crypto and tech space have started exploring the potential use cases of blockchain tech. In the upcoming years, a better, open-source blockchain platform that the world requires landed into the tech space. Ethereum, the pioneer of the Blockchain 2.0 revolution, introduced many features that can complement the DLT and enterprises incorporating the technology. 

Ethereum blockchain platform paved for peer-to-peer transactions, smart contracts, consensus mechanism, and much more upgraded features with a developer-friendly programming language. However, people find it hard to believe others without any intermediaries. Right from the internet evolution, it was invented for peer-to-peer transactions of files, messages, calls, and other information. In due course, people started relying on large brands like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Microsoft, Facebook, Whatsapp, and other service providers for secure data transactions.  

As of now, many crypto wallets are available in the market that allows peer-to-peer, cross-border transactions without any intermediaries. But, people feel it better, secured when government organizations serve as an intermediary for blockchain and cryptocurrency transactions. 

Exploring the Present Plot

Every sector in this world is growing rapidly, and it strives to withstand in the competitive market with leading features required for the consumers. Blockchain technology has rendered immense integrity in healthcare, supply chain, real estate, and many more sectors with its splendid aspects. However, industries require some privacy to maintain their official records that must not be revealed to the public. For instance, a chemical industry must not showcase the hazardous product manufacturing processes in the public blockchain platform, as anybody can misuse them. 

In order to satisfy the industrial requirements, the blockchain platform must cover up both aspects of privacy and transparency. Hence, enterprise blockchain solutions must be afforded in public, private, and consortium(hybrid) blockchain platforms according to their needs. 

With a hybrid blockchain platform, enterprises can experience scalability, high-security walls, cheaper transactions, devoid of proof-of-work, the more accessible examination of scams, and many more benefits at fingertips. Enterprises can reach its global audience with powerful DApps(Decentralized Application) without any employee or franchise costs. Currently, blockchain developers prefer enterprise solutions with Ethereum, Hyperledger, R3 Corda, Ripple, Multichain platforms. 

Hopes of future suspense

Blockchain is about to hit the doors of every sector with the evolution of permissioned and permissionless platforms. Automated smart contract tasks can evolve through DApps within half a decade. Tech enthusiasts and crypto world predict the blockchain enterprise growth will be around $200 billion in the next five years, and it may exceed trillions in a decade. 

The first brand implementing blockchain technology in its process must be rewarded by the government organizations to improve the adoption. Healthcare, e-commerce, and other ecosystems can adopt the blockchain tech to integrate operations, supply chain, quality standards inspection, consumer data, smart contract automated tasks, and other time-consuming tasks. 

Blockchain developers are analyzing the possible ways to implement industrial solutions with viable applications and products. Intervening of government regulations for blockchain adoption can increase the trust among global leaders. 

The nutshell of blockchain evolution

Blockchain is evolving from a rookie to a professional tech. In the present situation, there are many regulations, obstacles on inheriting blockchain technology into industrial solutions. But, soon, the DLT revolution can disrupt the entire world with immense transparency, quality standards, decentralization, consensus decisions, automated tasks, and scam-free ecosystems. 

Enter into the $3 trillion evolution, by joining our professional enterprise blockchain services! Tap us on live chat or telegram to bring up the revolutionary change in your sector!

Which company provides Smart contract development Services?

Blockchain Firm is one of the exemplary service providers of blockchain & crypto space. You can step ahead with your ideas, requirements to them for the best smart contract development services. But, just before moving forward with smart contracts, intuitive knowledge is mandated!

Here comes the simple instance of what is smart contract!

A Smart Contract is the self-operating treaty that executes a task automatically if the condition specified on the protocol is satisfied. Smart contracts are built on the blockchain network; hence, the entire transaction is transparent, legitimate, decentralized, immutable

A simple instance of smart contracts is our snack vending machines. Once the specified amount of money and code of the product is selected appropriately, your bite will be delivered. Similarly, by using smart contracts, deals, asset transfers, contracts can be digitalized without any conflict through blockchain’s consensus mechanism!

For smarter talks on smart contracts, let’s connect on live chat or telegram!