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A Guide To Set Up Your Decentralized Crypto Exchange Platform- The Complete Ins & Outs!

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

✔️ Cryptocurrencies have risen to its fame even in these pandemic crises. Experts address the unexpected, negative scenarios as “Black Swan”. The world is now facing this black swan crisis, and hence the investors are swapping their assets to stable crypto coins. Hence, the experts consider the cryptocurrencies as “Gold-2.0”

✔️ Crypto owners buy or sell their cryptocurrencies in the exchange platforms. As of now, three categories of crypto exchanges are more popular. They have centralized, Decentralized and Peer-to-Peer exchanges. In this blog, let’s unearth the complete ins and outs of decentralized crypto exchange platforms!

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Published by lillian jones

“Cryptocurrencies is everything you don’t understand about money combined about everything you don’t understand about computers,” said John Oliver. A tech geek like me would say it is easy to decipher; it all depends on how open you are to changes. Smitten by Blockchain, cursed with Intelligence! Hence the profession as a blockchain consultant. Have consulted for numerous projects and guided with the right solutions — not a nap queen. I am super hyper for Blockchain and cryptos and go around reading almost anything if it is about cryptos.

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