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Quick Guide to a Flawless Smart Contract Auditing!


Smart contracts are pre-written codes on the blockchain. Ethereum is the most common blockchain used to build smart contracts. These are meant to execute certain actions when the given set of rules are met. 

Checking smart contracts before it implements on the blockchain is highly crucial for the whole project’s safety. The community more often buzzes with news about millions of cryptos being stolen and you shouldn’t be on the headlines here. 

Ethereum smart contract audit is something that is mandatory to keep any issues, vulnerabilities or threats at bay. This blog will further give you ideas on the attacks that have already happened that you should be aware of and how to check for errors, and stay safe.

Once the smart contract goes on blockchain it can not be edited.

  • Race Conditions 
  • DoS with Block Gas Limit
  • Reentrancy 
  • DoS with (Unexpected) revert 
  • Cross-function Race Conditions 
  • Timestamp Dependence 
  • Transaction-Ordering Dependence (TOD)/Front Running 
  • Integer Overflow and Underflow 

How to prevent common errors in smart contracts? 

  • Check the codes multiple times for vulnerabilities 
  • Make a detailed list of the vulnerabilities and Concerns found 
  • Watch out for contract complexity 
  • Ask yourself what preparations you have done as a failure preparation 
  • Know the code currency 
  • Run a search for all the re-used Vs duplicate code 
  • Don’t forget to check the external calls 
  • Run through the initial balance 
  • Make sure you have checked the security of on-chain data 
  • Evaluate N-party Contracts

The Smart Contract Auditing Company

The right Ethereum smart contract audit services providing company is just a click away. If you wish to get your smart contracts audited by the best auditors in the industry then approach Blockchain Firm.


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“Cryptocurrencies is everything you don’t understand about money combined about everything you don’t understand about computers,” said John Oliver. A tech geek like me would say it is easy to decipher; it all depends on how open you are to changes. Smitten by Blockchain, cursed with Intelligence! Hence the profession as a blockchain consultant. Have consulted for numerous projects and guided with the right solutions — not a nap queen. I am super hyper for Blockchain and cryptos and go around reading almost anything if it is about cryptos.

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