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Keys For A Super-Effective Smart Contract Audit

Smart Contract Audit Company

How to build trust?

1.Don’t forget the disclaimer

Mention that the purpose of the audit is to foster and promote discussion but not providing a guarantee for any specific reason. Also, make sure that the disclaimer is clear and mentions everything that you wish to.

2.Who are you in this space?

Mention your authority in the space. Tell how and why your smart contract has to be trusted. Also, remember to back it up with a strong audit. It is crucial to establish your audit process.

3.Mention Previous attacks

Yes, you must be very aware of the attacks on smart contracts. It is important to mention those here and explain how you have taken a precaution to stay safe. We often see the community buzzing with news about hackers stealing millions. You don’t want to make the headlines here. 

What should you do during a smart contract audit?

Firstly, if you are opting for a smart contract audit, it is essential to do the primary checks yourself, before going to the auditor. Doing so will help you know everything depth. Besides that, it will make the path clear for the smart contract auditing company to work on it. 

You can mark all the corrections and doubts on GitHub and send it to the smart contract auditors. 

The smart contract auditing company

Blockchain Firm is a highly reputed company in the industry. It provides both manual smart contract auditing and automatic smart contract auditing services. You can either opt for both or choose the one that you need the most. 


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