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ICO Marketing Strategies: How to Promote your ICO Effectively

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Blockchain Firm is an ICO marketing company that aids startups and individuals to launch & promote their ICOs with effective marketing plans.

Initial Coin Offering is abbreviated as ICO, an unregulated fundraising process for projects generally based on cryptocurrencies. 2017 was a successful year for ICOs and over 5.6 billion USD was collected from around 430 ICO projects. Though many ICOs were successful, the percentage valued to only 48%. As of today, there are 1500+ cryptocurrencies in the market and more are coming. A cryptocurrency needs to have excellent ICO marketing plans to reach the target audience.

How To Promote Your ICO?

Your Website Speaks!

A good website forms the base for your ICO marketing strategy. Your website acts as the face of your project an provide an impression to the viewers. So it’s advised that before you launch your ICO, ensure that your website is optimized. Design the layout prior and make sure the navigations are smooth with elegant design. Remember that a website with a lot of unwanted info will mislead viewers and that makes your ICO marketing look bad.

Make sure you post blogs, articles, newsletters, and other updates on the website regularly. Give lots and lots of original information with no fabrications. Reliable information makes the users spend a long time on your site, thus driving traffic. To convert this traffic into actual investment, make sure you provide a Call to Action where investors can invest in the presale.

Social Media is the Gateway to Reach the Crypto Community!

Social media platforms are essential for the success of an ICO marketing program. Every single point of success & failure of an ICO relies on the communication you establish ICO to your target audience. Social media applications pave a great portal to promote your ICO project and build trust among the participants. Some of the applications where you can market your ICO include,

  • Facebook
  • Reddit
  • Telegram
  • Quora
  • YouTube

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“Cryptocurrencies is everything you don’t understand about money combined about everything you don’t understand about computers,” said John Oliver. A tech geek like me would say it is easy to decipher; it all depends on how open you are to changes. Smitten by Blockchain, cursed with Intelligence! Hence the profession as a blockchain consultant. Have consulted for numerous projects and guided with the right solutions — not a nap queen. I am super hyper for Blockchain and cryptos and go around reading almost anything if it is about cryptos.

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