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What does an ICO Marketing Service Package Include?

ICO Marketing Services

It is never easy to confine the service and conclude on certain matters. The reason is that the ICO marketing services differ from company to company. One company may give you ICO consulting as a complimentary service, while the other may not.

Likewise, some ICO marketing services companies may limit the number of press releases based on your package, while the other might give you unlimited press releases. Hence, it is wise to consider all the pros and cons of selecting an ICO marketing company before concluding on it.

However, with Blockchain Firm in mind, I could help you with an outline of the list of marketing services. 

Website creation

Once the marketing plans are laid with a strong foundation, we create a website and landing page for the ICO

Press releases

Periodical press releases to keep media and the reporters informed about the ICO launch. 

Crypto communities

Creating social media communities and groups to unite like-minded people and influence a strong urge to buy tokens.

Search Engine Optimization

Work rigorously to rank the website in the top position of Google search. The ranking does not happen overnight. Hence constant effort is needed. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing plays a significant role in ICO marketing. Creative, engaging, and informative content is posted to remind people of your value and influence them to be potential investors in the later stage. 

Blockchain Firm

There are a lot many services included in the ICO marketing service that this company, Blockchain Firm provides. You can get a clear view of it on their website. 


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